Clinky The Clown and the Secret of Happyville


Eric Hogue tells the story of Clinky T. Clown, who is not just any ordinary boy - he’s a Realclown with a mystery to solve! 

Clinky and his family live in the town of Happyville, which is populated with mostly Realclown citizens, or people who are born with a clown face. On the last day of second grade, Clinky discovers that his great, great, great grandfather, the founder of Happyville, left a series of clues that must be solved in order to save the town.

Aided by his three best friends, Wacky Wizard, Glenda Goodness and Danny Dinglebat, Clinky is off on the adventure of a lifetime.  Along the way, he also gets a little help from his second grade teacher, Mrs. Petunia Sourapple. It’s a one hundred year old mystery that only Clinky and his friends can solve.

“For many years, I told my two sons these bedtime stories and my wife always encouraged me to write them down,” said Hogue. “I wanted to create a book that  would do more than just tell a funny story. I wanted it to have a lesson that children could learn and apply to their lives, Clinky The Clown and The Secret of Happyville is that story.”

Along the way Clinky runs into some villains who try to stop him from solving the mystery left by his ancestor. Their goal is to drive all Plainfaces (people born without a clown face) out of Happyville.  In addition, Clinky has to deal with Alexander Archibald, another second grader, who has always hated Clinky and his friends. 

Clinky The Clown And The Secret Of Happyville focuses on loyalty, kindness, acceptance and how to overcome prejudice in a positive way.