Radio and Television Interviews

All In with Bryan Weatherford


Bryan Weatherford, host of All In With Bryan Weatherford on the BizTV network, interviewed Eric and asked him to show the television audience a little magic.

Good Morning Texas


Eric being interviewed during WFAA's Good Morning Texas Program celebrating the city turning 130 years old and being named one of the top 20 cities by Money Magazine 

National Public Radio


David Copperfield and Eric being interviewed on National Public Radio (NPR) while in Washington D.C.  to address the U.S. House of Representatives. 

Canadian Broadcasting Corp


Eric being interviewed across Canada on the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC), the country's national public radio broadcaster. 

KLIF Radio


Eric being interviewed on KLIF radio in the Dallas / Fort Worth Metroplex about House Resolution 642. 

WBAP Radio


WBAP Radio in Dallas reports on how Eric and David Copperfield are working with Congress to recognize magic as an art. 

Newspaper and Magazine Interviews