Eric Hogue

Where speaking is motivational, magical and fun!

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Keynote Speaker


Eric Hogue delivers the tools needed for your audience to Take Action in their personal and professional lives. During the session, Eric will sprinkle in a little humor and magic to make the event fun and memorable.

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Eric Hogue brings to your event a sense of wonder, surprise, intrigue...mixed in with laughter and fun!  Eric delivers magic with a message that is ideal for corporate events, training sessions, awards ceremonies, banquets and receptions.

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Community Leader


Eric Hogue not only delivers a positive and motivational message to any audience, he strives to live what he delivers. He is an author, entrepreneur, community leader, motivational speaker and the mayor of Wylie, Texas. 

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What People Are Saying

"Impactful! Engaging! & Inspiring!  Mr. Eric Hogue served as the keynote speaker at our annual Inspiration Breakfast at Keller Williams Central.  He was phenomenal - very engaging and entertaining with the ability to appeal to the entire, diverse audience.  Speaking on our theme 'A Life Worth Living,' he delivered an inspiring message of self-discovery to consistent action in order to fulfill your dreams.  And let’s not forget the humor and sneak peak of magic to top off the morning.  I’ve gotten great feedback that this event was one of the best, if not THE best, brunch we’ve hosted.  All of the speakers were awesome. But if this was a relay team, Eric as the last leg, indeed contributed to its success!"  

Nicki Ferrell, Keller Williams Central Chair, Service and Social Committee  

"Fantastic performance...set the theme for 2018...A YEAR OF MAGIC!!!" 

Richard Dodson, President, CCRMC 

"Eric was informative, funny, entertaining and our employees thoroughly enjoyed his presentation. I especially appreciated his professionalism. Wylie Texas, where Eric is mayor, was pounded the evening before by a severe hail storm damaging his city and his personal residence. Eric still made his appearance for our company because a commitment is a commitment." 

Gail Wilhelm, Vice President, Integrated Medical Solutions

​"Mr. Hogue was fantastic at our event. He was easy to work with, professional and very talented. He delivered a message that was very timely for our organization. I would recommend Eric Hogue to anyone looking for a professional and entertaining motivational speaker." 

Casey Nash, Captain, WFR


Take Action


This is our signature program that launched Eric into the speaking business. Take Action will teach your audience the steps we need to move forward and find success in our personal and professional lives. Humor, a little magic and proven concepts to bring out the steps needed for us to really take action in our lives and to stop just going through the motions of every day living. 

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A Magical Moment


 There is an old saying, "Can't never could." So many times we limit ourselves in the success of our lives. In A Magical Moment in Time, audiences will discover that there is a little magic in all of us and the steps they can take to bring out the magic. It's a fun and magical interactive presentation with audience participation. Perfect for conferences, fundraisers and company events  

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Building A Community


How do you become one of Money Magazine's top twenty cities in the country, and the fourth best city in the country to raise a family? The answer to reach these type of goals is found in how you build your community. It's not what you have done in the past, it's how you move forward in the future. It's how to build off your community's history, it's strength and grow a brighter tomorrow! 

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